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Stancor Submersible Pumps

Stancor Dewatering Pumps

Removing water from construction and mining sites can be demanding.  Stancor manufactures a broad line of MSHA approved explosion-proof pumps to handle the rigors of difficult operating environments.  Pumps are constructed from light weight alloys, including extensive use of stainless steel components for longer life.  Rubber clad diffusors are utilized to extend life and maintain efficiency by making field adjustments easy.  Stancor also provides the longest cable lengths in the industry and MSHA-approved controls to further maximize service life.

Stancor Solids Handling Pumps

Pumping liquids is not the only job of a pump.  In many applications, the pump must also deal with a variety of solids – from diapers and wipes in sewage to a wide range of debris (commonly referred to as “trash”) in other waste and slurry services.  Stancor offers a number of pump models to help our customers balance purchase cost, operating cost and performance when dealing with a mixture of solids and liquids.  This portfolio of heavy duty quality pumps can handle solids as large as 3 inches while maintaining key performance specifications.

Stancor Specialty Materials Pumps

Some applications present unique challenges.  Stancor offers pumps in a variety of specialty materials to combat extreme pH levels and difficult contaminants.  A full line of stainless models, including a screened inlet design featuring 304 stainless steel or solids-capable units made from 316 stainless steel are used in a variety of industrial and contaminated waste pumping applications.  Those pumps also include Viton® elastomers and silicon carbide mechanical seals to resist corrosion and abrasion. Stancor also offers a variety of coatings including Nickel Bronze to extend service life in high temperature and other demanding environments.

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