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Mechanical Sealing Compounds

Mechanical Sealing Compounds - Tom-Pac mechanical shaft sealing compounds are flexible lubricated compounds designed to seal shafts in rotating or reciprocating equipment by replacing braided packing or face type mechanical seals.  Applications include pumps, mixers, agitators, valves and most other places where braided packing is currently being used.  Sealing Compounds are currently available in 3 styles to meet almost all possible application requirements:

TP-4000 is suitable for most applications, it has the highest temperature and shaft speed tolerances.

TP-5400 is a light colored compound that is well suited for applications involving fine paper or where a dark colored packing is not desirable.  This product is USDA approved, and can be used in applications where incidental food contact is a possibility.

TP-4800 is specifically designed to function well in applications where harsh chemicals such as acids and solvents are present.

Synthetic Lubrication Products

Synthetic Lubrication Products - Proper lubrication plays a vital role in the performance of a machine from increased production to lower maintenance costs.  Tom-Pac® Bearing Gel delivers exceptional performance in high or low temperature applications.  Tom-Pac® Bearing Gel is a 100% synthetic, polyalphaolefin, state of the art lubricant, formulated to reduce friction and wear.  Tom-Pac® Bearing Gel will not melt or drip and leaves minimal residue.  It provides corrosion protection, seals bearings from water and contamination and retains its structure and consistency while in service and remains stable under high shear and high temperature conditions.  It will not emulsify and will perform exceptionally well in wet applications.  It is virtually waterproof!

TP-2557 Industrial and TP-2598 Food Grade Bearing Gels are tenacious, resilient lubricants that greatly extend lubrication intervals and cut production losses due to premature bearing failures.

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