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Technical Services

ProSpec Technologies Inc. also offers a variety of technical services of value to pump users.  Our Mississauga facility can accommodate both large and small equipment.  We assemble pumps, install motors, install mechanical seals, modify/upgrade pumps, package units on baseplates, produce metal fabrications, machine components, balance rotating parts, produce and install guarding, laser align shafts, chemically clean/strip equipment, sandblast, wet-blast, prime/paint, disassemble and inspect, repair, and the list goes on ... 

In addition, we have full performance and hydrostatic testing facilities for all types of pumps in horizontal, vertical or submersible configurations.  Testing is done to Hydraulic Institute standards and can be performed to comply with Lloyd's Register Group and the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS).  We also offer a variety of site services such as installation assessment, equipment start-up and commissioning, pump population surveys, spare parts audits, application review, troubleshooting, shaft alignment, pump inspection and repair, motor mounting and equipment performance assessment.  In short, we have the expertise, equipment and resources to respond to any needs you may have relating to pumps. 

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